Project Management

The entertainment industry has changed enormously over the past 20 plus years. Technology has morphed from hardware boxes to software plugins, and the computing power available for recording studios and producers has put the grand machine into the hands of everyone.

With all of this technology, there is still a need for experienced, knowledgeable people who have seen the changes first hand; someone like me. I have edited audio from reel-to-reel tape, I have aligned a 24 track Studer, I have locked DA88s to video, and I was using Pro Tools and Soundscape when most people were playing Doom back in 1999.

From film and television, to music and music production, I love this industry and all avenues of it! I run a film production company and a recording studio business, enjoy producing music and developing artists and making them sound as good as they possibly can.

As a network manager, I have had extensive exposure with project management and telecommunication network management, from an infrastructure (space and power) perspective. With over 10,000 hours of direct project management experience, and over $20M of program budgets (not including primeship responsibility for over $500M), I have also completed high profile projects in support of IPTV, VOD, G8 summits, 2010 Winter Olympics, Infrastructure for Internet Backbone POPs in Canada and the US, and IP room construction and integration.

What happens when you put all of this together? You have a highly technical, skilled, project manager, who has managed large budgets, high profile cases, with film production experience, audio production and studio experience, with an entrepreneurial drive.

Specialties: Project Manager, PMP, CAPM, music, music producer, audio engineer, studio, project studio, film, film producer, post production, Pro Tools, Reaper, DAW, SAP, telecommunications, program manager, change manager, six sigma, process, DC power, network