Powerful as God

Audio Post Production, Dialogue Editing, Sound Effects, and Mix

The film, Powerful As God, won the MADA award (Children’s Issues) at Commffest Film Festival in Toronto, 2012. The documentary screened at three festivals and is now released online (blakout.ca), it was nationally broadcast on television during 2013, and received television, radio and newspaper media coverage.

Powerful As God – The Children’s Aid Societies of Ontario is a documentary that delves into society’s most controversial and secretive topics. The film navigates ‘truth’ by engaging twenty-six witnesses with diverse experiences into conversation. By facilitating a voice for individuals whose lives have been tragically affected, with observations and recommendations by experts who have worked directly with the agency (such as doctors, social workers and lawyers), the film reveals a child welfare system plagued by systemic and bureaucratic abuse that urgently requires public attention. Financed by tax dollars and wielding extraordinary power, the Children’s Aid Society is deconstructed to reveal a broken system where employees have been heard to describe their influence over children and families to be as powerful as god.

powerful as god