I Can Change

#icanchange is a horror short part of the Underneath Anthology.  Post from John Nicol:

“Hello everyone…I would like to take this moment and introduce Andre Becker‘s segment “I Can Change” which has both written and directed by our good friend…He is also creating the sinister score as well (Andre who also composed the scores for Channel Zero, #GLIMPSE, The Late Movie: Pussyfoot and #SecretSanta)…I am sure he will deliver the goods once more.

The film stars Nicole Kawalez, Mikey McMurran, and Tammie Stewart… The cinematography has been spearheaded by Michael Malko. Audio is being handled by Michael Becker and Andy Koontz…and the SPFX were designed, created and administered by resident #GoreGal Katrina Marie Despotovich – Katrina is also co-producing the segment as well. Here is a little taste of what’s to come.”

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