Festivals & Awards

  • Pussyfoot: The Late Movie, nominated for “Freaky Feature” Award, Broken Knuckle Film Festival



  • Secret Santa, Blood in the Snow Festival 2015, Andre Becker won Bloodies Best Soundtrack Award
  • Secret Santa, Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Best Feature
  • Secret Santa, Legless Corpse Film Festival 2016, Best Make Up FX, Carlos Henriques
  • Secret Santa, Legless Corpse Film Festival 2016, Best Score Feature, Andre Becker

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  • Midnight Screening at the BITS Festival, Toronto

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  • Powerful as God, received the MADA award at COMMFFEST



  • Channel Zero at the 2015 MIFF and 2015 BNFF, with an encore presentation at the MIFF fundraiser in February, 2016