Steve McQueen Room

IMG_20170519_125857 IMG_20170524_162242Welcome to the Steve McQueen Room, a multi-use, multi-format-capable mixing and critical listening room.  Also home to Neocanta Listening Desk, Black Fabrik Authoring & Mixing capabilities, and my personal office.

Do we have the best equipment out there?  Nope.  Is it better then almost everyone of your DVD buying, convention going, festival viewing customers?  Absolutely.  Most festivals have no idea how to set audio levels anyway, what are you worried about (Dolby Standards? What’s that?!).  I once asked a technical director of a prominent film fest to send me their audio specs…I only heard crickets!  I’ve dealt with and can navigate through the ocean of festivals for you and get you the best sounding film for you to showcase your stuff.  And we have access to Pro Tools 10HD with 192s on premises through a partnership with Studio A Recording, a professional sound booth and live floor, too.  And our stuff has won audio and film awards, so I’d say it works pretty darn good.  We’re DTS SD / HD and Dolby 5.1 capable, and can give you a fast 2 – 5.1 upmix if you just want to spread your audio over 6 speakers in a hurry.

Come step into the Steve McQueen room, and see why it’s not what you ride, but how you ride it!

Mackie Control Bad Ass Studio Computer Yorkville YSM-1 (LCRS)
Echo Audio Interface Waves Gold Kenwood Sub
Steinberg UR22 Interface TC Electronic Powercore loaded KRK Rokit 6
Spectral Translater Plus SSL Duende Plug Ins
Tascam DA-30 UAD cards (X3)
Yamaha Natural Sound Reciever Reaper DAW V4/V5 Samsung Syncmaster Monitor
Joe Meek ThreeQ Pro Tools 12 Pioneer 43″ Plasma
Harrison Mixbus V4 InFocus HD DLP Projector